Aaron Synz, birthed as Anthony Aaron Thompson in the Bronx, New York, got into music early due to his mom playing the Classics like Patti Labelle, Barry White, and the OJays, which sparked his love for music. With influences from early 2000's rap artists like Ludacris, Ja Rule, and 50 Cent, Aaron gravitated to rap music but, it wasn't until high school that he came to the realization that this was something he really wanted to take seriously. 


After relocating to Los Angeles, California, Aaron began the process of  trying to figure out how he wanted to present himself, and his music, to the world. Aaron went through several name changes before settling on Aaron Synz which is a combination of his middle name and the shortening of his nickname, "Sincere", which he was so affectionately called by his friends, mainly the girls, growing up. Aaron stated that although he has been rapping for a while, it took him a minute to find HIS sound. Believing that music should be a reflection of yourself and the things you actually go through in life, Aaron stated that he feels his music is more relatable because he's not rapping about a life he's not really out here living. Aaron's first album Synatik, (Synz' Fanatics) which came out in 2019, was an album dedicated to his fans which consisted of a lot of his old music that he had previously been working on and decided to release due to the growing demands from his family and friends to put out music. 

Aaron is currently in an independent film called "Get Lost", which will debut on Amazon Prime on Halloween, that is centered around the story of 5 brothers that were never really allowed outside. When they finally get to adventure outside the comforts of their home, they experience all types of adventures including cult killings and everything their parents tried to shelter them from. It's a comedy movie that will put you in the mind of The Wayans, Scary Movie film series. Featured in the movie are Justina Valentine, Shiggy, Fat Boy, A-Town, and more. Synz also has a second film slated to come out the beginning of 2022 called "One Mic" that features De'Aundre Bonds (Skully of Snowfall), Fredro Starr, and himself. 

Getting back to the music, Aaron felt that the state of the music today is a gift and a curse. He expressed that being able to put out music yourself is better because you're no longer dependent on labels to sign you to get your artistry heard. At the same time, he feels that it's also caused for the industry to become watered down because you now have what's called microwave music where people are just putting out songs and albums because they can. Aaron also feels like music being so easily created and pushed out can cause artists who want to take their time creating the perfect project to be under added pressure and unrealistic expectations to put music out more frequently so that they're not forgotten. 

In April, Aaron dropped a song called "Ain't a Problem" which was a nod to the people who have doubted him and his abilities as an artist. Shockingly, it was revealed that the song was done spur of the moment. When Aaron got into the studio and heard the beat, laying the track down as a freestyle at first before polishing it up as a song is how Ain't a Problem was created. Recently, that song has reached over 20,000 streams on iTunes. Today, Aaron Synz is dropping a new single titled, Stuntin' with Benny Bates which was original penned in 2013, but has now gone through a total revamp and being re-released. Aaron has new sure-fire bops on the way with both "Make You Mine" and "Slide With You" slated to be released in August. 

To see the full interview with Aaron Synz, check it out using the link below. 

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