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Chris Bivins

The Veri Viral King of Social Media

If you thought you were the King / Queen of social media and branding think again! Chris Bivins has officially been dubbed the King of the Land... the social media land, that is! Chris has single handedly mastered how to grow both his personal brand and his business brands and he can help you too!

The D.C native got his start back in 2012 when he became one of the 4 finalist in the CW network show, The Next and soon after being taken under the wing of Rap Superstar, Nelly.  In 2014, Chris was the headliner for the BET College Tour recap show and performed on the 106 & Park stage. In 2016, Bivins went on to participate and win Kato's, No Sucka Mc's Rap contest. 

Since his time as an artist he hasn't strayed too far from his roots, or the spotlight, as he currently works for BET as an Editor and Producer and Def Jam as a Content Producer. This explains why he's verified on almost every platform that he graces with his presence. Although Chris knows the "importance" of that blue check, he strongly believes that the coveted checkmark is just an additional marketing tool and that some verifiable people, don't have that blue check as the verification process is lengthy and involves a multitude of things.

What are those things you ask? Well, if we knew, we'd be verified too. You know who holds the secret sauce? CHRIS! Through his Veri Viral project Chris works hard in getting those verifiable people the blue check that they deserve. If you have any doubts, check out his social media pages and see for yourself! From Facebook, to Instagram, Clubhouse and now to the new social media app slowly taking over the internet, Fanbase, Chris has amassed thousands of followers in record times. It's clear that he is the King he says he is. If you're wanting to improve your brands, get in touch with him today!

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