Christina Brittian


Being a mom comes with no instructions. Society has created a stigma that if you aren’t Susie Homemaker with well-behaved genius children, you’ve somehow failed as a woman and mother. When realistically we’re all really losing our shxt.


MomShxt was created to comfort and humor mothers who simply just do not have it all together. Let’s face it, being a mom is sometimes is a shxt job. Cleaning smeared poop from the cabinets in the bathroom, isn’t the idea of a dream job.

… and we aren’t getting paid for this shxt either.

Christina, the creator of Mom Shxt for the Unorthodox Mom, became a mother in 2013. She has two boys, Esau (7) and Ezra (4). Her entry to her motherhood was not an easy one. Suffering from postpartum and the loss of her grandmother, she felt as though there was no happiness in the new life she’d taken on. 


Social media depicted motherhood as joyous and perfect, that just wasn’t the case for her. Mom Shxt started as an expression when things got tough and a little chaotic. It wasn’t until 2019 that she decided to make Mom Shxt a full on brand. It took some time as she wasn’t sure which direction to take the brand in but on Jan 21 2021 MomShxt for the Unorthodox Mom was live! Mom Shxt offers products at an affordable pricing. Check them out at