Nichole Shirell is from Birmingham Al. She is a woman who is actively chasing God's heart. Her desire is to share the gospel of Christ all over the world.


She is a Christian published author and poet of multiple books, founder of Nichole Shirell Enterprise's publishing and consulting service: youth ministry, prison ministry, and domestic violence survivors.


Mission: inspire, motivated and love those who seek a voice.


Motto: Freedom of Voice


Nichole is the owner of Visionaries Agency Empire LLC (VAE) is a social media talent management corporation. The business was established in February of 2020. The agency manages social media influencers (SMI) who share content on a global scale. The content of SMI talents vary and includes skills from artists, comedians, poets, rappers, singers, writers, entrepreneurs, socializers, and more.


In June of this year, VisionSeries Productions, a virtual production company posted its first vision series on Youtube, “Juneteenth.”





Amplification is one of the artist’s 2021 projects that shines a spotlight and calls for corrections of injustices that are still prevalent in our communities nationwide. 


“Father to the Fatherless” is the final book of the trilogy: “Restoration, Redemption, Revitalization.”  The series concludes with important life lessons. The focus is on some of the unspoken truths our youth face or fights daily: such as unwanted advances, stalking, death of a parent, and grandparents who parent.  - Coming soon