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Playground Baby

You're probably wondering who is “Playground Baby” and why such a name? Lol, we wanted to know the SAME THING! Well, apparently, it’s purposeful. PGB stated that he chose the stage name Playground Baby because he started out writing music in a playground across the street from an old house he used to stay in. PGB stated that recalled a time when he was younger, he slept in a park a few times and the name just stuck with him. Playground Baby is 24, and from Thomasville,Ga (4 Hours South of Atlanta, GA and 30 Minutes from Tallahassee ), which is actually the name of the first song he wrote when he decided to take music seriously. Playground Baby stated that 30 Minutes from Tallahassee is the song he's mostly known for, and the girl’s favorite. PGB stated that his love of music started when he was a child, and stemmed from his dad's love of music. PGB stated that his father and his brothers dabble in music as well. The family is musically gifted, ya'll! 


Ironically, Playground Baby didn’t want to do music growing up but he always knew he was gifted but, he tried to live a "normal" life but, his normal just ain’t normal. PGB stated that if you ever took a walk in his shoes, you'd understand what he means. "I tried everything in the book but, I failed and no matter what I try it always leads me back to music. Long story short. I attached a few songs and they ALL HITS".... If you would like to check out Playground Baby's hits, check out the links below! 

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