Basement Bangerz: Music Competition

Well you guys! The music competition has officially been postponed. I know you're all asking why and I wish I had some fancy in-depth answer to give you but... I don't. The event is being postponed due to the lack of submissions for the competition. Don't worry, the event will definitely be rescheduled and the prizes will be even bigger and better than before! Be on the look out for the new date on our Instagram and tell a friend to tell a friend to get some hot new music together for us to review. We're meeting and connecting with new music moguls, artists, and execs every day and you never know who will be judging the competition or what opportunities may come your way. Sorry to disappoint you guys, I know you were just as anxious as we were but, we promise not to keep you waiting for too long.

-XOXO Carli Rae'

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