Raz-B & Friends Presents: The Valentine Day Showcase

Hey Guys! So, we did a thing yesterday. We teamed up with Raz-B, YES, Raz-B of the Legendary R&B Group B2K, and did a Valentine's Day Showcase / Music Competition! As you can see, we are putting in the work here at The Urban Basement to get our name out there and get some RESPEK (respect) in these musical streets. We heard some great artists and think that they will be able to make their way into this music industry sooner rather than later with the right help and some artist development. Of course we're going to do highlights on some of the artists from the music competition but until we get that together, we'll let the anticipation build on who those artists are. See you guys soon as The Urban Basement will be fully relaunching in April 2021. We know, we know.... HURRY UP! I promise you, we're trying we just want to get 85% of the site completed before relaunching and then we'll work on the other stuff in the background for you guys! We love you and thank everyone for their patience.

-XOXO, Carli Rae'

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