The Final 8 Have Been Chosen!

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

You all may or may not know this but, we at The Urban Basement have sort of partnered up with R&B Legend, Dave Tolliver, from the hit group Men At Large and serve as one of his judges for his music competition, Come Get This Deal or better yet for this season, Come Get This Money! Yep, thats right amongst a slew of other prizes, including a fully paid flight to anywhere in the connected United States, Blog Write Ups, and Radio

Placements, the winner will also be winning $1,000.00! Come on throat God's and bless somebody's vocal box so that they can win this money! After over 100 auditions, 3 weeks of themed battle rounds, and countless practices for these competitors, the final 8 have been selected. We have Chari, Morgan Lett, Elyscia Jefferson, Antonio McClendon, Serrin Joy, Marlon Gilbert, Jayna Elise, and Phylicia Hooper. If you thought the first 3 rounds were difficult, you haven't seen anything yet. This round is probably the most complicated in music competition history which will not only challenge the singers vocal abilities, but challenge their knowledge of music, song selection, and stamina as they will have to sing not 1, not 2, not 3 but 5 songs next Tuesday. Who will reign supreme and come out victorious? Make sure that you're there to witness the battle of the Titans at 9:00pm EST, May 4th on Clubhouse.

See you then!

-XOXO, Carli Rae'

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